Since one of the core activities of Biz Excellence Systems is in house training, we sought out to talk briefly about In House Training Definition.

The word in-house, when it is used related to organization or company matters, it refers to activities that are happening or done by employees inside organization or company itself.

Training is activity of teaching employees particular skill, type of behavior or specifically how to do a particular job more effectively and efficiently. It involves acquiring new soft skills or education of employees regarding technical skills by engaging a trainer from Biz Excellence Systems.

Technical in house training definition:

Technically In House Training is defined as any training that is held in company premises in order to educate, develop or improve employees’ skills by engaging a trainer from Biz Excellence Systems. This involves all technical and soft skills courses that serve for this purpose.

Practical in house training definition:

All trainings that are designed for a specific group of employees, all belonging to same company, despite of venue where training takes place. In House Training it does not only include trainings inside the company premises, but trainings that are held in hotel in any place of the world.

In house training definition it is simple definition and it includes: all training that are held for employees of a specific company in any place or time with Biz Excellence Systems.

On the job training is popular form of training. Almost all organisation in the world today, they do plan, develop and organize such courses. They are effective, cost effective and convenient to run.

There are many advantages of in-house with Biz Excellence Systems:

  • Cost effective: First and foremost, on site workshops are cost effective. Instead of training 3-4 people in public training, your can train all group of 15 – 25 employees.
  • Customized: You can customize the course according to your employee training needs. You can produce all course outline and ask trainer to deliver it.
  • Flexible: You can hold the course any time you want, upon mutual agreement with the trainer. You can change venue as well according to your preferences.

Process for successful on job training:

  1. Do training need analyses carefully. In-depth TNA will result in better quality course outline.
  2. Select Biz Excellence Systems. This is totally under your discretion.
  3. Speak to the trainer: Share course outline and training need analyses with the trainer to ensure that he completely understand the situation and topic to be addressed during the training.