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Bussiness Continuity Managment Systems - BCMS

e-Governance Suite

This web-based software provides step-by-step approach in implementing business continuity programmed confoming to the ISO 22310 requirements in a cost-effective manner. This software automates processes sech as BIA, risk management, BPC, testing & exercising, audits, corrective actions, documentations and more, leaving you more time to get on to the important things like focusing on business continuity program and managing BCM processes.

ISO Conforming

Compliant to the latest ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification.


Record and track the validation of business continuity plan(s) in a systematic and effective manner.

EASY to use

An intuitive graphical user interface.

Business Impact Analysis

Easy to conduct business impact analysis. This process identifies and evaluates the organizations prioritised activity.

Manage BC Risks

Reduces the workload and inherent errors whilst using spreadsheets. Business Continuity treatment plans and SOA can also be created and maintain with ease.


Cloud-based SAAS solution that ensures access to the latest feature and version. It also costs.


Easy accessibility of data from anywhere and at anytime including accessing it from any web browsers/mobile devices.

ISO/IEC 22301 Conformance

Accelerate ISO/IEC 22301:2012 implementation and maintainance with our easier, faster & cost effective approach.

User Friendly

Simple user interface with easy workflows allowing implementation of ISMS faster and more effective.


Scalable to meet your needs in real-time and it is designed to serve multi-subsidiary organizations.

Minimizes Documentation

Save time and effort in creating and maintaining documented information so that you are free to focus on the ISMS process.

Internal Audit

Create and track internal audit that enables you to schedule and manage audits.

Corrective Action Plans

Create, manage and track corrective action and plans at one place, giving you traceability and visibility.